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Fighting the Colds and Flues 

An ongoing series of informational entries

Flu Concerns And the Big C one!

Year Number 2 and we are still flattening the curve, right?

Hope you health is great, if not, let's talk. 

Meanwhile, we embark on a new or old flu season. Let's go over some of the latest updates. 

So what could we be using when dealing with flues and their variants?

Some of my favs are right here:

Tonic water! 

1/3 c. day is good to act as a preventative. It has quinine in it. Quinine has been around for YEARS..... It is a good anti-viral. Some people have taken 1/3 c three times a day if they are feeling ill. I like mine in a little grape juice... yum...

Vit D 

I take 5000 u a day. Very good for enhancing the immune system. And... it is your sunshine vitamin! If you have the blues, might try this. Upon research we find that the skin in the right summer sun will make up to 50,000 u's a day. And not too many people get sick in the summer.  I have taken 10,000 u's a day for a week to build up my reserve and then just keep taking 5000 u a day. You naturally build reserves of Vit D during the summer. And then those reserves run out about January..... flu season? Hmm......

Vit C 

You really can't beat Vit C for improving health! Some professionals take up to 15,000 mg a day. You will know when you have maxed out, you will get some runny stools. 1000 mg is a great start. And if you're feeling a little punky, just go up to 3000 mg a day. This is a natural anti-inflammatory, pain killer, cell regenerator and detoxer. Need I say more? Just get one with the rutin and bioflavonoids, this is more complete. I also like the powdered fizzy kind. This is easy to give to kids, just half the dose. 


Yes! Good old fashioned garlic! I have a friend who uses five cloves of raw garlic a day. She talked me into trying some. I got sick. The next day I thought to try it again, this time I got really sick. So I got some good garlic oil capsules and that is how I take my garlic. Fresh is best....but some is better than none! This boosts your immune system like crazy. Dr. Christopher says that 5 garlic cloves is equal to one dose of anti-biotic. There is something to think about! 


One of these a day also helps keep stuff away. There have been a few antecdotal reports of this knocking out some flues in about 2 days. Worth a try for sure! I take one a day. 


This is really a good fighter also. 

Zinc Lozenges

Did you know virus can't reproduce in a zinc environment? So a zinc lozenge when you go out will just naturally keep you healthier. 

Colloidal Silver

This is another one of my favs. There are good and great formulas on the market, just get the best one you can find. If you come in, I can help you out. I many times use this as one would use an antibiotic. 

A good diet and good supplements go a long ways in keeping one healthy this time of year. 

I feel like we should all huddle now before we go out and fight the virus' going around! 

Suit up and go fight! 

Have a healthy week!



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