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Please contact me when you are ready to get to a better place….

Thank you so much Helen!

I already feel lighter and just free! I love our sessions!

Every day I refer you to someone or post on XXX to help others. I truly appreciate everything you do! ❤️❤️❤️ 8-25-22

J.P., IN


C.S., OR

Hellen is amazing and so professional and knowledgeable. We were 5 minutes early and she was able to get us in early, always gives us the full time allotted and even willing to mail the stuff she didn’t have on hand by the following day. Would recommend her to anyone!!


E.S., UT

Thank you Helen!!!

You are amazing!!

Yes, you are spot on—I was experiencing some depression (which is not typical for me anymore)—

and I also know that I struggle with heart wall.

Thank you so much for your work, and for spending so much time. Thanks for the immune system work as well.


N.T., CA

Thank you so very much for session that you did for me. I cannot thank you enough. I greatly appreciate it. The things which you shared with me were very helpful and informational . And I cannot thank you enough. Some of these thing were things I had suspicions about, but I wasn't sure.


M.N., Idaho

"I absolutely LOVE my Sessions with Helen! She has been such a blessing in my life. My eyesight went from -1.75 in both eyes to -1.00 in just 20 days!!! Thank you Helen! I also feel so much more of a peace in my life after working with Helen!

Thank you!"


A.L., Utah

My husband sustained a traumatic brain injury. He had made no progress for over 10 months. Helen worked her magic and he is now vibrant and alert. His headaches have diminished, his dizziness is practically gone and he even has his sense of humor back!


A.R., Utah

Helen, Thank you so much for working on my neck pain. I woke up and it was completely gone! After having suffered with it for a full day and not being able to move. I am so glad you are able to do distance work. You are a God send! I will be calling again!


T.W., Oregon

I went back to a pair of eye-glasses over 10 years old that I can see great with!


P.P., Utah

I really appreciate your help with everything. I feel tons better, and am rapidly recovering. I feel the brain fog and difficulty concentrating going away. I feel a lot more fresh, and feel more energy than I did before. I am sleeping better. I am not depressed and my anxiety has decreased. I am eating wheat and other foods I didn't eat before, and have gotten my appetite back. I am having no problems with diet.

Thank you for your help!


L.C.M., Utah

I am so excited! I can't believe I slept all night with no pain!

None. When the alarm went off this morning I didn't know what to think, I slept all night. Do you know how long it's been since I slept a full 7 hours? A long time. I feel great. My knees didn't hurt, I had no leg cramps, nothing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


A.R., Utah

Helen, Thank you so much for working on my neck pain. I woke up and it was completely gone! After having suffered with it for a full day and not being able to move. I am so glad you are able to do distance work. You are a God send! 


T.C., TX

I just wanted to say thank you…I have noticed that I do have more energy, and strength both mentally, and physically. I do feel like I am not carrying around the emotional baggage that I have been for the last several years. I am also able to express myself and feelings or thoughts much easier.


L.K., Utah

I woke up one morning and had a strange rash on my leg, I called Helen and had her work on me and was amazed to watch my rash disappearing before my eyes. It was completely gone within 4 hours of being treated.


K.A., Oregon

When I started going to Helen I was having problems with depression. I was also having digestion issues. I had no passion for life anymore. I was feeling old ( I am 59). The only thing that seemed to bring me joy was my oil painting but I was beginning to feel like there had to be an end to that because my kids can only hang so many paintings. Anyway life was no fun anymore. I had been to the doctor and he said he could give me hormones but I had been through menopause without hormones and I didn't want to start messing around with hormones unless that was the last thing to try. Since releasing many emotions and getting rid of a hidden heart wall, taking some minerals and vitamins that my body was low in, I now feel energized, enthusiastic about my paintings and life and I am getting the confidence to hang my paintings with a price attached. Life feels good and I have the energy to enjoy it now. Thank you Helen.


S.D.W., Idaho

You know I am feeling a lot better now. Thank you so much.The throat spasms haven't really been bothering me lately.You are amazing!Thanks for all you do!

E.K., Idaho

Hi Helen, I just wanted to say that what you did has already helped me so much. It is the weirdest thing for me to not feel the emotions about certain things that I have always felt when thinking about things. I truly believe now that this is working. I just got your email and nearly cried, nearly bawled my eyes out. I am talking to my best friend right now, talking to her about things that have always affected me and in the middle of talking to her I stopped and said, "I really think this thing is working". I have been extremely tired which I imagine are the side effects, making sure I am drinking lots if water the nice thing is that my body is wanting the water so it is not that difficult to do. I have also been feeling a lot more positive, even when talking about things where normally I would get really upset with I haven't. Also a feeling of ease so to speak, not sure how to explain it. I am so amazed and happy more than happy about the results I have seen thus far.I also wanted to say I have a referral. My best friend and her husband could benefit from this.Anyhow I think I am ever indebted to you for this, ESPECIALLY if I end up being able to have more children which is something I have wanted for a very long time.


~ Amy K., Utah

After the death of my son, I went through a very trying time and had many quirky things happening. Helen was able to release the emotions causing my heart palpitations. Through several sessions, i was able to release many emotions causing me major panic, and obsessive negative thoughts. Once we removed my hidden heart wall, I felt a new lease on life and felt I wanted to be here, not just survive! 

~ J.R.- R., Utah

My Asthma has improved 10 fold since Helen was able to release trapped emotions contributing to my asthma attacks. 

~Millie G., Idaho

After the session, my B-vit. intolerance was gone. I am able to take my B-vitamins without a problem now. 

~Colleen M., Utah

....After several sessions, my achy body felt so much better. My energy level has doubled and I no longer have trouble using my arms at work.

more to come.......

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