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knee pain

Omega 3 Knees!

And we are almost into summer...well the calendar says we should be. 
Hope your weather is cooperating.

So what are some of your summer plans? Any hikes? Are the knees holding you back? 

I recently met with some 'almost' seniors and was a bit taken back by how many were dealing with knee pain. Yuck.
I consider most pain optional and I personally like to opt out.

I have addressed this several times, but whenever I experience something positive, I like to share. I want everyone to be as happy and healthy as possible.

About those knees.....

It is going to be spring before we know it! Yeah!
So are you ready for the spring thing...gardening, walking and other adventures? Is dealing with knee pain going to be on your agenda?

I recently met with some 'almost' seniors and was a bit taken back by how many were dealing with knee pain. Yuck.

So what cause knee pain? 
Cartilage breakdown.
Misalignment of the pelvis
Weak tendons.
Weak muscles.  
Toxins or pathogens.         
Adrenal issues can affect the left knee.

Anti-aging, the skin! We're on it!!!

ANTI-AGING, we're talking about the skin this time!
I am all for it...naturally of course. 
I have several daughters. I spent some time with them this last week and we started talking about skin, wrinkles, premature aging and the rest. The fact is, we ARE going to age, thankfully so as the alternative isn't all that great. The goal here would be to do it in the least painful way possible. 
For my age, and I am eternally 59 at this point, I have pretty good skin. So because my daughters are interested in MORE anti-aging info, I thought to share some of what is out there, at least what I have available right now.


Well, this could be a sacred cow for some people.
Of course I am not going to condone the use, but I will state, used in the appropriate circumstances marijuana use is or should be acceptable.

I have a friend whose son suffers from extreme seizures and headaches since an auto accident of several years ago.
He uses marijuana to alleviate the headaches and seizures. It has worked for several years and improved the family dynamic,  but it has not cured or thoroughly controlled the symptoms.

Another KNEE PAIN! And FIX!

Yes, this is rather shocking! There isn't a 3-4 week lapse between posts.
What a week! So many things to think about!
On my last blog I threatened to go to iodine info. 
I have not given up on that, this info happens to be very current!

I do lots of releases relative to knees. People don't like knee pain... go figure! This week it was my turn for that annoying knee ache. I have done releases before... just can't remember which knee it was on! I think it was the right, it was the left this time.

It's MY KNEE PAIN this time!

So, thinking I am still very young, agile and in really good shape, I did a hike with teenaged girls on steroids! Okay... they weren't on steroids. It is the only excuse I can find as to why I wasn't up to speed. 
We took off to a beautiful lake in the mountains near McCall, Idaho. The girls sprinted up the mountain and I was on lookout for stragglers at the end.(yeah..right)
I made it up. It was beautiful and well worth the hike in. Then we had to go down. It was then I noticed that I was having some knee trouble.
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