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kidney imbalance

3 Day Juice Cleanse


I got all gung-ho and decided I needed a body cleanse. I wanted a real one this time. I had used the EasyCleanse, but I decided this was going to be a fasting/juice cleanse. So I opted for the 3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE. We can thank Dr. Christopher for this. Dr. Christopher felt this was a great cellular cleanse also as it went so deep. And it is quick. And the last few things I have read suggest that the body can manufacture it's own stem cells when fasting is involved. Fascinating!


What's eating you? Trapped emotions do cause harm.

Is it important to resolve emotional issues?
Only if you want to live a healthy life.

Ever heard the phrase, "His ______ (fill in the blank) is just eating him alive?" Well, there is more truth to that than you think.

Anger and hate affect the liver and gall bladder, can weaken them. 
Pain affects the pituitary and the pancreas.
Forgiveness issues or lack of, can affect the kidneys and bladder, etc.
So hanging onto that negative energy isn't necessarily hurting the other guy, but it is doing a number on you!

Having a little back or knee trouble?


This last week I had a session with a client who was not in a good place; lots of low back and knee pain. Well, that makes me suspect a kidney involvement. 
And in this case it was some kidney issues. The kidneys had a trapped emotion and were out of alignment. 
We took care of those issues and before we were done she was remarking how much better her back and knee was feeling.
So I did a little more research with her. 
I asked if she was drinking the cola drinks. Well once in a while she does.
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