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Weight loss/gain

3 Day Juice Cleanse


I got all gung-ho and decided I needed a body cleanse. I wanted a real one this time. I had used the EasyCleanse, but I decided this was going to be a fasting/juice cleanse. So I opted for the 3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE. We can thank Dr. Christopher for this. Dr. Christopher felt this was a great cellular cleanse also as it went so deep. And it is quick. And the last few things I have read suggest that the body can manufacture it's own stem cells when fasting is involved. Fascinating!



Oh, come on! I know there are people who want to know... "IS THIS NORMAL?"
What is normal? Lots of things! Is there anything Abnormal? Several things.

"Disease begins in the colon," according to Dr. Christopher and many others. You haul the garbage out of your house quite regularly, and it is good to get the garbage out of your system regularly also. Sometimes in my mind I just picture an out-house. Any camper has seen one of these. You had to hold your nose to use it. Well, imagine being a walking out- house.

The "I hate exercise program!' that works!

The ultimate 
I applauded my own efforts today when I exercised! Second time this week!!! While doing my exercise I thought it sad more people don't know about this. Then I thought maybe I was at fault. Not good. So here is some info about my..."I hate to exercise" program.
I like to walk, but sometimes that just isn't enough or I just don't do it. So here is my other option.

IF, I DO exercise I have a criteria: 
     It MUST Work!

Depression.... THERE IS HELP!

After this month of mourning due to our loss of Robbin Williams, I thought we would hit thisDEPRESSIONtopic.

If you are alive, you no doubt have had a round of this.
No energy, loss of energy
Feelings of worthlessness, self loathing, unloved
Feeling trapped 
Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness
Loss of interest in daily activities/ no zest for life
Appetite or weight changes, uncontrolled eating
Sleep changes/sleeping beyond normal times, not sleeping
Anger or irritability
Reckless behavior.

IODINE…Do you need it?

Thought I would address this as it is timely. We are hearing more and MORE about iodine deficiency.
People are vaguely aware of the role of iodine. In our country we have had what we call the goiter belt, upper midwest. This is where the iodine was so deficient that many people developed goiter, the abnormal growth of the thyroid gland.
To prevent this, iodized salt was introduced and the goiter problem was somewhat resolved.
Now we had a campaign to what...."Lower salt intake!" Do you see a problem may be developing?

Estrogen, dominance and weight....oh, no!

Thought we could touch on the hormones and weight issues. This could be a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG post.
We admit life wouldn't be very interesting without the hormones flowing through it. But if they get out of whack, it is like a fine orchestra whose violin section never tuned up for the event! YOU WILL NOTICE!

For women and some men, we do see estrogen dominance. There is a litany of info all over the net about the symptoms of estrogen dominance. There are studies implying many our fertilizers are hormone based, anti-biotics (many are also hormone based), and various packaging of products (think BPA) increases the estrogen factors in the body.

The Sluggish Thyroid...

This has to be one of my favorite topics!
I have HAD a low functioning thyroid and at my last Dr. appointment I was told to keep doing what I was doing. Well, great... I had been off the thyroid medication for a month at that time. 
I know what you are told if you have thyroid problems; you will be a life long thyroid patient, you will never not be taking medication, that is IF it is diagnosed! I was several years getting it diagnosed, hair falling out, weight gain, no energy, poor hormone balances, freezing to death year round, brain fog, poor female cycles, etc.


Weight was not going to be this weeks blog, but I have reconsidered. That is why this is a little late.  :-) Hang on... here we go!!!!

A friend of mine, who was born in Holland and raised in the States, and I were visiting and started talking of how Europeans (some of her relatives) view the 'fat' Americans. I was informed that Mexico now takes over now as being the heavy weights. Interesting...

I don't think I know of anyone has not been on a diet of sorts. The diets range from allergic, to cleanses, to weight loss, to weight gain, to raw, to low carb, to high carb, to high protein, to vegan and probably more.
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