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Iridology and TEC

Depression.... THERE IS HELP!

After this month of mourning due to our loss of Robbin Williams, I thought we would hit thisDEPRESSIONtopic.

If you are alive, you no doubt have had a round of this.
No energy, loss of energy
Feelings of worthlessness, self loathing, unloved
Feeling trapped 
Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness
Loss of interest in daily activities/ no zest for life
Appetite or weight changes, uncontrolled eating
Sleep changes/sleeping beyond normal times, not sleeping
Anger or irritability
Reckless behavior.

Sugar Blues?

What a week! The Sugar Blues!!
Some people are just too sweet for their own good!
Seems the issue of the week has been 'Blood Sugar!'
I was averaging one person a day with a blood sugar issue! That is scary, pleased to say that has slowed down!

So what am I finding?
I am seeing people who are actually allergic to sugar. This affects the sugar balance in the body. Okay, we just don't eat sugar. Get real, please. Fruits have sugar in them, starches convert to sugar in the body. 

So we look for an underlying trapped energy which may be causing this allergy.

Using Iridology and TEC together!

I am a certified Iridologist. 
I am a person who studies the eye for indications of general body health.
Well, I have several children. This means I practice on them every chance I get, especially if I have an idea. 
I recently evaluated one daughter's eyes checking for any weakened or suspicious areas. I hadn't done this in sometime and I thought it was well past time. (you know the cobblers kids have no shoes deal)
I detected a slight weakness in the para-thyroid. The para-thyroid helps with calcium absorption.
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