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IODINE…Do you need it?

Thought I would address this as it is timely. We are hearing more and MORE about iodine deficiency.
People are vaguely aware of the role of iodine. In our country we have had what we call the goiter belt, upper midwest. This is where the iodine was so deficient that many people developed goiter, the abnormal growth of the thyroid gland.
To prevent this, iodized salt was introduced and the goiter problem was somewhat resolved.
Now we had a campaign to what...."Lower salt intake!" Do you see a problem may be developing?
Most of civilizations develop around water, this is natural. Then with progress, people move inland. All that fresh seafood became a delicious memory for some. With a change in diet, less seafood, less iodine became available. Couple that with an area such, as mine, which is iodine deficient naturally and you will more than likely have a population which will be somewhat iodine deficient.
So take a supplement and be done with it? No... not so fast.
The pituitary and thyroid glands grasp what ever is available when the mineral train comes through. On that train can be a couple of items which will bind up those glands. Fluoride and bromide being some of them. Fluoridated water is not actually your friend. I know, I know… it prevents cavities. Well, TOPICALLY it does strengthen the tooth enamel, but that is as good as it gets for you. Hence another blog… Bromide is in your refined flours, always use unbleached flour, and yet another blog….. So these glands suck up the negative stuff and when the good stuff comes by, it isn't taken up so readily.
Of course this can be changed. But it is done S-L-O-W-L-Y. These glands respond very slowly, as more good stuff comes by, they start releasing the bad stuff and picking up the good stuff. I also check these glands for any issues, trapped energies they may have. You want these glands a peak performance, as well as the others.
I suggest several supplements, Lugol's Iodine being one of them. 
We start out with 1 DROP a day for a month. Then we move to 2 DROPS a day for the next month. Then we test. Do you need more, or less? Once we have reached a point of not needing more, we retest and possibly start reducing the dosages, back to 1 drop, then lower if necessary. I take the iodine supplement 3 times a week now. Once the hole is filled you can stop shoveling, we just maintain.
Dr. David Brownstein has written a couple of books which I HIGHLY recommend, if you want complete information, Overcoming Thyroid Disorders and Iodine, why need it.

Iodine deficiency symptoms COULD be:
Autoimmune disease
Fatigue diseases
Thyroid disease, sluggish thyroid also...which affects weight!
Developmental delays in newborns, if the mom is short on it
Irregular menses
Breast tenderness
There is actually a much longer list and this is a blog not a book.

Because women are women, they require MORE iodine in their diet than a male, they use more of it.

Co factors which enhance iodine are selenium and B-2. So be sure to add these to your regime when taking your iodine. Several tablet supplements contain these.

Please check with your health professional concerning extra supplementation. 
And as always, I will be glad to help you wander through the supplement maze with testing and suggestions.
Have a beautiful day!

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