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Estrogen, dominance and weight....oh, no!

Thought we could touch on the hormones and weight issues. This could be a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG post.
We admit life wouldn't be very interesting without the hormones flowing through it. But if they get out of whack, it is like a fine orchestra whose violin section never tuned up for the event! YOU WILL NOTICE!

For women and some men, we do see estrogen dominance. There is a litany of info all over the net about the symptoms of estrogen dominance. There are studies implying many our fertilizers are hormone based, anti-biotics (many are also hormone based), and various packaging of products (think BPA) increases the estrogen factors in the body.  

So what happens when this estrogen becomes dominant? 
Well, in women you might find some who sport a very large abdomen supporting large breasts.
Hair thins.
Skin seems to age faster.
Brain fog, just to list a few.
Health wise, there is an increase risk for uterine, ovarian and breast cancers, and in men, possibly prostate concerns as well as breast issues. 
I have studied much of what Dr. John Lee has written. He studied estrogen dominance in his private practice. He sites one story of a patient in a care center who was losing her ability to communicate effectively. After balancing her estrogen levels, she was back leading the discussions of politics, with in weeks. He used a progesterone cream.

Several years ago (before I started my own studying) I was needing to balance my hormones, long story, and was directed to patches, then pills, then more pills. I ended up with a lump in my breast, high blood pressure and STILL had a hormone imbalance. 
I sought out alternatives and found them! Now I am one of them! The lump is gone, blood pressure is normal (without medication), and I no longer need any therapies. Oh... I did drop some of the extra LBs also.

So how do you know if you have an estrogen dominance? 
Some symptoms are hot flashes, weight gain, lethargy, foggy brain, emotional issues into the years where they shouldn't be an issue.  And, there are people like me who will test you. I use muscle testing to find the imbalances.

Now what to do with that estrogen dominance?
First we check the diet and supplements.
You need:
EFAs, these are the essential fatty acids found in flax seed and Fish oils
Beta Carotene, this is your vitamin A.
I also suggest a Vitamin C AND a vitamin D supplement.
We test to see the levels needed of the supplements. At first you hit them heavily where they are low, then once the hole is filled you go to maintenance levels.
We may also use a progesterone cream. This puts the lid on the estrogen. This is used for  26-28 days of the month with about 1 week off.Follow your menses cycle other wise; No cream a few days before you begin your menses and resuming the week after. 
For those who aren't cycling, I have suggested using the cream for the month and taking the first week of the following month off. I am waaaay to busy to try and remember days of the week. I CAN keep track of the first day of a month.
A man uses just a little bit of this cream once a day until he sees the results he is after. We test for these dosages also. Then we do the maintenance dose, and hopefully be off it all together when the body balances. And what symptoms do we have with men? Well, less libido, weight around the middle, weaker muscles and possible prostate concerns.

I also follow up with testing for the glands to make sure they are balanced. We can feed them, but we must also free them so they can function as God designed.

This IS NOT the only factor involved, there is also iodine which plays a significant role with the thyroid, pituitary and estrogen production and use, alas another blog. The violin section of this orchestra is more than one violin. 

There is hope and help out there for any imbalances you are experiencing and I would be glad to help you with those!

Have a great and balanced week!

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victorinox uhren on Tuesday, January 06, 2015 2:55 PM
I not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I'll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back down the road. Many thanks
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HK on Friday, February 13, 2015 10:09 AM
Hello! I am happy you found something useful or interesting to you. I hope to add more as I receive it! I am a bit more settled now. Blessings...
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