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Another KNEE PAIN! And FIX!

Yes, this is rather shocking! There isn't a 3-4 week lapse between posts.
What a week! So many things to think about!
On my last blog I threatened to go to iodine info. 
I have not given up on that, this info happens to be very current!

I do lots of releases relative to knees. People don't like knee pain... go figure! This week it was my turn for that annoying knee ache. I have done releases before... just can't remember which knee it was on! I think it was the right, it was the left this time. Which brings me to another thought about releases. 
Many times we do releases and the problem gets better and stays that way. Many times we do releases and the problem gets better and then some of the symptoms start returning. When we have a symptom that returns, it is usually because we haven't actually gotten to the basis of the problem. Sometimes this is like layers of an onion, you peel away one, then find there is another. And eventually you do get to that last layer. And that is a mighty fine place to be! Headaches are gone, pain is gone, energy is high, or we see healing beginning..... Nice place to be!

Pain and inflammation are symptoms of something going on! You can take all the anti-inflammatories you want and will relieve the symptoms, but for sure that isn't addressing the reason for the symptoms. 

From studies I know knee pain can be related to kidney, gall bladder, adrenal or structural imbalances. I feel really bad for people who limp off to the Dr. and get a knee surgery, only to find it hasn't made much difference. I do however recognize surgery as being necessary at times. But the most bothersome of this is the attitude of "God just must want me to suffer..." Really? This isn't part of my life philosophy. I digress.....

So going up and down stairs was becoming challenging, feeling as though this knee would just give out. I was perplexed, I had done several sessions on myself and thought I SHOULD be fine... what is the matter with me?

So I finally took the time for me, used the Body Code and got to the basis of the knee pain. There was a negative energy and misalignment of the Patella, KNEE CAP! And then one more imbalance showed up. Hmm.... Seems it was related to a high school event when I got smacked hard with a door... right in the knee cap. Man, it hurt like crazy! But in high school you act cool and walk it off. It has had a few days to marinate! Got all that cleared up and it feels so good! 

Again I am very thankful for the gifts God has given so we can make it through this life a bit easier.

There is a very good chance I could help with YOUR knee pain, you won't know until you try....

Have a healthy week!
Fall is coming on here.... remember to take that Vit D supplement. 

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writemypapers on Saturday, August 31, 2019 2:45 PM
Thank you so much for sharing the helpful update on your blog that would be really resourceful for the public. The people who are facing such knee pain problem they have to use those tips for the relief. Thumb up with your excellent update keep it up.
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