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The Sluggish Thyroid...

This has to be one of my favorite topics!
I have HAD a low functioning thyroid and at my last Dr. appointment I was told to keep doing what I was doing. Well, great... I had been off the thyroid medication for a month at that time. 
I know what you are told if you have thyroid problems; you will be a life long thyroid patient, you will never not be taking medication, that is IF it is diagnosed! I was several years getting it diagnosed, hair falling out, weight gain, no energy, poor hormone balances, freezing to death year round, brain fog, poor female cycles, etc.
So when I finally was diagnosed and put on medication, I did not need my 2 naps a day. Great! But I was still sluggish, had falling hair and was over weight.
I had been to another Dr. earlier suggest I just lay off the candy bars if I wanted to lose weight. Uhh..... sure! Then what!

Before there was the TSH test for thyroid, there was the basal body temperature test. It is the one I used. This test was done for 5 mornings BEFORE I got out of bed. I used one of the old fashioned mercury thermometers. I preped everything before I retired the night before. I had my note book ready for entry, I tracked those temps. If I were in a monthly cycle, I would have waited until the 3-4 day of the cycle before I did this.
So in the morning I took my temperature. It was quite low, about a 96 F. The second part of the test was my taking my temperature at 3 pm. Kind of a trick if you are busy... but still doable. So my afternoon temp was about a 97F.
I did the same thing the next 4 days. My morning temp seemed to be around the 96-97sF. I never did hit the 'normal' 98.6F in the afternoon or even 98F.

So this made me quite curious. If my normal temperature is 2 degrees below normal, why is it not normal to have a temp 2 degrees above? If a high temperature indicates a problem, why doesn't a low temp indicate a concern? Well, it does to me! Why even have a 'normal' if it doesn't matter? 

So if my morning temp had been all over the map, that would indicate adrenal problems. The adrenals didn't seem to be an issue at this time. But the low afternoon body temp was a significant indicator of my problem.... and by the way.... I WAS taking thyroid mediation during this time. 

One of my favorite thyroid sites for a great explanation of thyroid issues is: 
They DO NOT teach you to get over the thyroid condition, but their information is wonderful.
I eventually went to a natural grain thyroid medication. It worked as well as the synthetic and seemed to process better for me. But still.... I thought I could do better....Then I got a hold of Dr. David Brownstein's book, Overcoming THYROID Disorders. BINGO!!!! I KNEW I was onto something!

At my last Dr.s appointment for a refill of thyroid medication, I told the Dr. that I was thinking I didn't need the medication any longer. He assured me he would find out when the test results came back. So I waited for the test results. Three days later the office called and told me everything looked great and to keep doing what I was doing. So I did and have been. I had been off the thyroid for nearly a year now. And my weight is manageable, my hair has thickened up according to my hairdresser and I have plenty of energy. I still don't get everything done I would like, but I haven't found a good cloning program yet either. AND... my afternoon temperature is usually around 98.4-6 F.

Do you have symptoms of a low functioning thyroid?
Low basal body temperature, temperature not reaching 98.6 or close.
Thin hair
No energy
Lowered immunity
fatigue symptoms/diseases
Low levels of hormones, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, just to name a few.
Weight gain, inability to lose weight
Joint pains
PMS symtoms
The list goes on......

So what affects the thyroid?
Trapped negative energy, I release quite a few of these.
Poor nutrition.
Lack of fundamental necessary elements.
Overload of toxins.
Two toxic elements affecting the thyroid and pituitary are fluoride and bromine. In the 1960's Bromine was added to breads. Hmm... how interesting. We already were adding fluoride to water. 

When the thyroid and pituitary call for nutrients, they take whatever is floating around if they can't find exactly what they are looking for, usually what is picked up is fluoride and the bromine.  These elements will build in the gland, and the gland will not then be responsive to releasing necessary hormones or be able to pick up necessary hormones. And you will end up a thyroid patient. But it doesn't happen for quite a while as the test given does not measure how much hormone is actually being received by the body. 

Treating the thyroid:
This is a SLOW program. There is nothing fast about this.
What are the factors I have used?
I have used Dr. Christopher's products and helped a thyroid recover.
I used Vit E because it breaks down scar tissue. 
I used Vit C because it is great in cell rebuilding.
I used iodine with selenium and Vit. B2, these are co-factors that help with iodine absorption. I graduated the iodine supplement as recommended, I also used muscle testing for dosages.
Of course this is in addition to my regular vitamin regime.

After graduating the iodine up, using muscle testing for dosages and then back down, I currently take only maintenance dosages 2-3 times a week now.

How long did this take? Well, it takes 2-3-4 months. 
It is a very slow process because the thyroid is not a quick gland to work with, it changes very slowly. As the iodine is gradually added to the diet, the toxins are slowly released from the glands. You just can't rush this.
But when you get to where you need to be, it is WORTH IT! 
Since that time, I have also learned how to release negative energies out of these glands so they can function to their full capacity. 

Thankfully we have been given many avenues to help us during our journey here. I am grateful for all I have been given to help me and now I can help others.

I am thinking I will address more of the iodine issue in the next blog... I am thinking...

Choose good health and make it a great week!

ps, please check with your health professional if you have questions about this or health issues.

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