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D for DONE!!! I got the baby off to college!!!

So as to keep my sanity when the phone calls come, I put together a college style first aid/medicine cabinet kit! No offense to other people in the family who didn't get one, I have just finally learned what I should do! Now when the call comes about an issue, we have some ammunition available! It drives me a little nuts when the kids call and I suggest what they might do and they have NOTHING in their house to help themselves with. So for my own sanity.... I will provide a few things.

For the  sore throat, the cut, the burn, the blister, the mouth sore, the bad zit, we will turn to:
There are different brands, I happen to like Sovereign Silver, there are others equally as good. Cheaper versions may have too large a particulate to be effective. You can use this for 3 days, then take a break. You don't want to overdose and take a chance on becoming one of those 'blue' people. I like the spray bottle. 3-4 squirts a day is sufficient, usually. You can test dosage levels, or have them tested.

For the stress of exams, studying and the rest, we will go to
This is a Bach remedy and is very good for bringing the body into a more relaxed state, naturally. 1-2 droppers for a dosage.

Then for the restless nights when you can't sleep, I have blended a tincture I call 
This is a combination of Hops, valerian root and skullcap. There is NO hangover effect from this and if you need to be awakened, you are not groggy. 1-2-3 droppers before bed, works like a charm! Sorry...this is NOT FOR PREGOS or small children!

And for some of those not so sure things like a cough, bug bite or suspicious possible infection we will run to:
A drop or two of this can work wonders. Stubborn cough? 3 drops on the bottom of each foot for 3 nights and WAA LAA! Cough nearly gone! You can use this on a small child, put olive oil on the soles of the feet first, then use 1 drop on each sole. (Use for only 3 nights, then break)

To stop bleeding, a heart attack, or shock, I run to
This can be sprayed on an area to stop bleeding, taken internally it will help with shock, nose bleed, bleeding and equalize blood pressure. This also is good if you think you're coming down with a cold, helps kick that.

Sick tummy? Go to:
This replaces the good stuff in the gut! After a bad pizza or flu bug, this will help the system recover quickly.

And to settle that sick tummy, run fast to
This stuff is a God send for a sick tummy or flu. Small sips through a morning and you will find your symptoms improving quickly. I liked the boxed kind, but for long term keeping, use the dry tea bags. 

And what of vitamins?
Well, we use B-vits. for brain and nerves. This is a must for any college student, you burn Bs like crazy when studying.
Vit C is a must! 1000 mg a day will help ward off colds and keep the immune system in good shape. Probably should do a blog on just Vit C, it is a wonderful supplement!

A good multi vitamin is another good addition. 
Calcium w/magnesium is great for the muscles and bones. Just use the calcium CITRATE, more easily absorbed.

What to do if you come down with the 'COLD?'
We have done the 
2-2-2 PROGRAM FOR COLDS, my one daughter happened upon. 
At the onset of a cold, you take 
2 garlic tablets or capsules, 
2 vit C with plenty of water/fluid 
every 2 hours or so through an afternoon.  Symptoms will start to dissipate  about dose #3. You can check dosages on this also. Started early enough, we have stopped the cold in a day.

Zinc lozenges are a good addition also for a cold. Sucking on these lozenges will prevent the virus from reproducing. It coats the mucus membranes and the virus can't attach to it to reproduce.  

Well, this is a good start and should compliment the regular stuff you're supposed to have. I highly recommend keeping these things with in reach! I am sure there is something I have missed here, but, hey, that gives me another reason to post!

If you are prone to much sickness, I suggest an appointment to check the functioning level of your immune system. We can help with that.

Choose good health for yourself and your students! Be sure to take your supplements.... you have to stay healthy to make those payments! ;-)
(yeah...not that funny, I know...)

Kinda missing the baby.... hmm.....

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H.K. on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 7:33 AM
Thank you for the kind words. I am happy you thought this was worth your time. I appreciate the feed back. Thank you!

Martin frykholm on Saturday, March 29, 2014 2:17 AM
I agree with each and every conclusions made on this topic THE MEDICINE CABINET, Holistic style. It is really very informative. Thanks for sharing.
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H.K. on Monday, March 31, 2014 8:40 AM
I am glad you felt the information beneficial. Thanks for the positive feedback. Hope you have a great day! hk

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