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Weight was not going to be this weeks blog, but I have reconsidered. That is why this is a little late.  :-) Hang on... here we go!!!!

A friend of mine, who was born in Holland and raised in the States, and I were visiting and started talking of how Europeans (some of her relatives) view the 'fat' Americans. I was informed that Mexico now takes over now as being the heavy weights. Interesting...

I don't think I know of anyone has not been on a diet of sorts. The diets range from allergic, to cleanses, to weight loss, to weight gain, to raw, to low carb, to high carb, to high protein, to vegan and probably more.
But for the most part, I think the diet for weight loss tops the list.
There are so many factors involved with weight loss I can't hit all of them here. You will need to do some homework with this. I use information from several Dr.s; Dr. Joel Wallach, Dr.David Brownstein, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Devi Nambudripad, Dr. John R. Christopher, Dr. John Lee and others. I have read many books, several by the Dr.s listed.
So here goes with my take, an overview of weight problems.

Is there a hormone imbalance? 
Many women have an estrogen dominance issue. This usually is from a lessening of the progesterone. Progesterone keeps a lid on the estrogen. How do you know you might have this? Well, if you have a large abdomen supporting large breasts, it is worth considering. There are more symptoms, please research this.
We can find out through muscle testing what the issues may be. We can do releases using TEC to take out the negative energy blocks that may be interfering with a particular hormone. This CAN BE BE DONE FROM A DISTANCE. And progesterone cream may be suggested.

Are the glands fully functioning?
One of the most frustrating tests going happens to be the TSH, thyroid stimulating hormone. Many Dr.s swear by this test, I have been the rounds with a few of them. I had one good Dr. who took my symptoms seriously, tested, I was in the low end of normal range, and put me on a thyroid supplement. Life got better. I am off all medications now, my thyroid is working again. So it is possible to correct and heal the thyroid.
Again, releases on the thyroid have helped along with proper supplements.
The old fashioned thyroid test is done with a Basal Thermometer. Take your temp orally for 5 mornings in a row, before you get out of bed. Record this, if it is very eradic, all over the place (67-97 degrees), this could be an adrenal issue. Then take your temp at 3:00 pm every afternoon for the 5 days. Your afternoon temperature should be around 98.6 degrees. If it is low, below 98, you are probably sporting a sluggish thyroid. 
Out of curiosity, what happens if your Dr. takes your temperature and it runs 2 degrees high? Oh, my... you're fighting something! But if it is low, that is another normal? Hmm.....

Now here is the rub, you will be having low thyroid symptoms, weight gain, sensitivity to cold, etc. Your Dr. will give you the TSH, you fall within the normal range and he will tell you that you are fine. Hmm......  
I would hope you wouldn't let your Dr. get away with telling you to, "Just lay off the candy bars," as I had one tell me. Please take time to do a little research. There IS HELP FOR THIS! 

Suffice it to say, there is more to this story.  So the adrenals and the thyroid should be evaluated, along with the pituitary, they all work together and any one of them can be harboring a negative energy or toxicity. 

There are many people who take thyroid medication and don't feel up to par. There is help for them also.

Is there toxicity?
The body insulates itself when there are toxins present. So all the weight around the middle may be the body's way of protecting itself from toxins. Have you ever had a significant weight loss and enjoyed the results only to start the rebound with in 4-5 months? Many times this is just the body insulating against toxins which have become concentrated because a smaller you has less body area to spread the toxins over. Hence... insulation is needed and the body complies.
We can check the body to see if we need to do a toxin release or cleanse.

Can this weight be drug related?
Yes. Diabetes drugs are notorious for packing on the weight. Unfortunately, you do need them. There are other prescription drugs also that will put weight on.
A better idea might be to get the body to a healthier place with a good diet, supplements and finding the underlying cause for the problem being treated. I am happy to help anyone who is serious about this, and again we CAN DO THIS FROM A DISTANCE also.

Is there a negative relationship being endured? 
I have seen more than one woman who has insulated herself, literally, from negative barbs or emotions from a negative relationship. We can balance out many of these through TEC, but the relationship itself needs to be addressed.

Is there a shortage of IODINE?
The thyroid can be out of whack with the lack of iodine. We can check the body's need for this. 

Is the body hungry?
We live in a society of overly processed food. The more processed the food, the less nutrition will be found. I am a little more compassionate than some when it comes to hunger. The body is literally starving for nutrition. If you are not supplementing with minerals and vitamins, well, you are going to be eating a lot more food to become satiated. I think this is one of biggest factors in extra weight. The best thing to do is go more natural with the diet, plenty of fresh fruits and vegi's and supplements.

Need to exercise?
Well, this is a given. We have access to so much for exercise. One of the best is just the old fashioned 'walk.'
But what of the "I am just too tired" excuse? Please refer to the previous paragraph concerning nutrition. Like I heard one guy say, "If you were given $1million would you have to be told to spend it?"
Well, when you have good nutrition and your body is feeling good, no one will need to tell you to get out and do something. You will WANT to do more because you have more energy.

How is the digestion?
This is probably one of the biggest factors, there are many factors under it, of poor weight lose. But we will focus on the end, elimination part. If you are not evacuating your bowels regularly, you are going to have a weight problem. It is what it is. There are cleanses and tonics to help this happen. You can retrain your tract over a period of time. We also will check for any imbalances in this system and do releases as necessary. But for sure, you need to have the garbage taken out regularly. 

Are there more fat factors? Sure there are! I have released cravings for carbs, sugar and alcohol. Some are emotional eaters who can be helped  using TEC. There are weight gain associations made with high protein wheat, corn syrup, msg (this is how they make the rats in the lab fat!) and... stress, but this is just a blog and not a novel.

Please know there is help out there and I would be happy to help anyone interested in finding some answers to ridding oneself of the extra LBs!

Have a nutritionally great week!



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nifty tips on Thursday, August 22, 2013 5:34 AM
I've always enjoyed reading your blog and this particular post was especially good. Thanks for sharing it.
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hk on Thursday, August 22, 2013 12:33 PM
Oh... You are so welcome! Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the post!

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hk on Friday, August 23, 2013 11:13 AM
Thanks for viewing! I will be glad to share more, I will be working on it. hk

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hk on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 11:35 AM
Thanks for viewing and your feed back! There is always so much more to know about!

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