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Yes, I can help you long distance with BODY CODE! 

Please contact me if you have some things you would like to work on.
Adult session: $60.00
Children or pets: $45.00
Credit Card friendly
Paypal friendly

Some of my favorite products:

This product is purported to have the ability to reprogram cells.  
It is invaluable in chronic disease.
It is also seems to be a great aid for athletes.

I use this 'Tangy Tangerine' as one of my main Vit/Mineral supplements! I really like their EFA's, essential fatty acids, also.

My FAVORITE exercise program! 
For those who hate exercise…
Yes, this works for busy guys also!

This is a wonderful exercise program.... AND IT WORKS! 
Couple this program with any toxic releases you may need, any emotional releases causing over-eating, check your metabolism and you will make great progress when you want to shed some lbs!! 
And you are supposed to ONLY use this 15 minutes 3 times a week! Seriously!!!! 
This program will help put your sugars in check also! It just about walks on water in my opinion!! And don't forget to see Berei, 70+years and in great shape!

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