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"Manifest better health starting today!"


I am Helen Kelly, a holistic iridologist, Family Herbalist and TEC /BC Practitioner.

Iridology gives me the means to give you an overall health evaluation according to what I see in your eyes. In holistic iridology, we learn emotions play a vital part in our health.The harboring of negative emotions or their energy can have a negative impact on health. So when I learned of TEC, The Emotion Code, and found we could address some of the emotional issues affecting the body.... .... WAS I INTERESTED? Oh, YES, I WAS!

Graduation photo, Diplomate of Holistic Iridology.

(Most likely the last picture I will inflict upon anyone!)  

After I had suffered some health issues and spent 3 months in bed, I decided I should get serious and help myself. I did recover and did more studying concerning nutrition and various herbal remedies. I later had an opportunity to learn more through the School of Natural Healing and the rest just followed. I became a Family Herbalist studying through Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing. On the way to Master Herbalist, I became an Iridologist studying under Dr. David Pesek and the International College of Iridology. I earned my Diplomate of Holistic Iridology. I enjoy iridology. It is intriguing in so many ways. And then I became TEC practitioner through Dr. Bradley Nelson's program. Most recently I have received my Body Code Certification.

I have been very blessed. I have received inspiration and answers to prayers concerning my health, the health of my family and others. I am grateful to be able to help those on a quest for better health. I look forward to helping anyone desiring to "Manifest better Health" or just get to a better place.