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Hello and welcome! 
I am Helen Kelly. How may I help you?
We can find out!

             And just like that! We are half-way 
                        through 2020! 
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                              Please see the
                              LIZ PROTOCOL
                        for dealing with some of 
                    those nasty little critter attacks!
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What ONE thing this year would you like to improve?
You choose!
*Stomach issue/digestion?
*Allergy symptoms lessened?
*Weight issues?
*Pain issues?
*Joint issues?
*Chronic illness symptoms lessened?
*Relationship issues?
*Help with an autistic child?
*What ever is bugging you....?


I offer Iridology and THE BODY CODE, as well as supplement suggestions, as methods for obtaining a higher quality of health. It is not necessary to do an eye reading for better health, but I offer it as an overview to check for weaknesses within the body. I use The Body Code to release any blocks from the body that often impair healing, cause pain or cause emotional issues. And then we look at any supplements to aid healing or rebuilding.

AND.. I can do releases from a distance! You do not need to be present to reap wonderful benefits.
Using this great blessing, I have helped many improve their life and reduce their symptoms with 45 minute sessions. 
We can address the blocks holding you back emotionally or physically preventing healing. 

I offer Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday hours from 9:00 to 5:00 pm MT. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening appointments are also available. These may be in person, phone or email. 

Please go to the 'Contact Info' page to schedule an appointment.
Adults $65.00  45 minute session
Children or pets $50.00 session 
Adult multiple session discount, 4 sessions/$225, prepaid 
Credit cards gladly accepted
PayPal friendly
Cash is never turned away

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