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I am Helen Kelly. How may I help you?
We can find out!

    Back to school NOW? AGAIN?!
     Where did the summer go?
   Have a child with test anxiety?
         Focusing problems?
          Separation fears?
We can address all of those and more, when you're ready. Just ask!



THE BLOG:         
               Just a few observations concerning health relative to Mom's           
                                   well being during pregnancy. 

I offer Iridology and THE BODY CODE, as well as supplement suggestions, as methods for obtaining a higher quality of health. It is not necessary to do an eye reading for better health, but I offer it as an overview to check for weaknesses within the body. I use The Body Code to release negative energies from the body that often impair healing, cause pain or cause emotional issues.
AND.. I can do releases from a distance! You do not need to be present to reap wonderful benefits.
Using this great blessing, I have helped many improve their life and reduce their symptoms with 45 minute sessions. 
We can address the blocks holding you back emotionally or physically preventing healing. 

I offer Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday hours from 1:00 to 5:00 pm MT. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening appointments are also available. These may be in person, phone or email. 

Please go to the 'Contact Info' page to schedule an appointment.
Adults $60.00 45 minute session
Children or pets $45.00 session 
Credit cards gladly accepted
PayPal friendly
Cash is never turned away

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